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How to use this issue tracker?
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How to use this issue tracker?

Typical Workflow

A Pharo Fogbugz case typically uses the following sequence of status values during its life:

  • Active: the case is just created,
  • Resolved (Fix Review Needed): a solution has been proposed, and other members should review it,
  • Resolved (Fix To Include): the solution has been validated,
  • Closed (Integrated): the solution is now part of Pharo.

For more details about the different status values check the detailed status description page.

Filters in Fogbugz

It is particularly useful to create customized filters, to help you quickly sort and organize issues. Have a look at the predefined shared filters, and consider creating some of your own.

Interesting Things

  • Look at your settings  where you can change your name, specify if you want email notifications, and modify settings for plugins.
  • Look at available snippets and define some your own. If you press the "snippet" key (`) twice while editing a case you get a list of all available snippets.
  • The subscribe section allows you to automatically subscribe to some events, like a case created in a particular project, a wiki page modified, etc
  • It is also useful to link to other cases to document any similarities


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