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  • Comments: One Line Comments? Nested Comments? see case 3571

Clean and Order

  • Clean category / comments (some package are totally wrong)
  • Towards SLint clean (integrate SLint rules as unit tests)
  • PopMenu cleaning + request notification as fundation

Files and Streams

  • Integrate and use XStreams?

Packages, Frameworks, Tools and Libraries

  • Easy In-Image Way to Find and Load External Projects
  • Package fileouter (HTML, Latex, chunk)
  • Use better algorithm for substring matching (Boyer Moore).


  • Decouple core/basic/model classes from UI (see case 3148)


  • All tools should support traits (esp. the browser)
  • Better interface for smallLint
  • Debugger code completion should take into account the types of the objects that are actually assigned to variables
  • It would be nice to have a better test runner that
    • use a tree to show the tests under a class
    • takes advantage of the history showing which tests degrades since the last run.
    • use icons to represent the status of the run tests at the packages, class, level.

Packages and SCM

  • We need a way to refactor packages (naming, merging, ...)
  • How can we version non-smalltalk things?
  • Taking package per package and checking comments and adequacy| of the package in terms of classes containing it: We should have a real map of each package and its status for the next milestones.

Fixes and enhancement

  • Evaluate extension of moose for inclusions in pharo base library
  • AbsoluteDelay and RelativeDelay see case 7527


  • OS process and other
  • Fix FFI

Language and MOP

  • BetterMop
  • Do not store class definitions as do-its in changeset
  • Distinguish workspace do-its from refactoring do-its in the changes
  • A way to model meta data
    • Meta data for methods
    • Meta data for classes 

Currently under Active Development

  • Better code meta model (Ring)
  • Scripting syntax (Coral)
  • Traits with State (Slots Project)
  • Cleaning Morphic (better integration of Polymorph, i.e., no overrides)
  • Kernel image: add process to create UI-less image (Nuts)
  • One single default better and faster browser (Nautilus)
  • A modern Canvas (Athens)


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