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Morphic Debugging Tricks
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Last modified on 1/12/2014 11:16 PM by User.


Morphic Debugging Tricks

My Morph is displaying a "red square of death"! What do I do?

All Pharo Versions (thanks Sebastian)

  1. Invoke #drawOn: manually

m drawOn: (NullCanvas new).

  2. After the bug is fixed, resume drawing for a Morph instance

m resumeAfterDrawError.

Pharo 2.0 and later

Click on it to open a debugger (Steph).

Pharo 1.4

There is still hope… (thanks to Ben)

Find the method fullDrawOn: and replace 
on: Error do: [:err | 
                self setProperty: #errorOnDraw toValue: true. 
                self setProperty: #drawError toValue: err freeze. 
                ^ self drawErrorOn: aCanvas ] 
Now you will have a debugger instead of the red square of death. But do it at you own risk.